Roshani Sinha

I am Roshani Sinha, a full specialist in the labs of Drs. Cromer and Mackenzie here at UCSF. I was born and raised in India where I completed B.Tech in Biotechnology. Thereafter, I pursued my Master's in Cancer Biology in the UK followed by PhD in Biomedicine in Spain. Most recently, I completed my postdoc at Stanford University. In my research career so far, I have worked extensively on understanding normal and aberrant hematopoiesis, focusing specifically on the stem and progenitor cells compartment. I have also developed several models of pediatric leukemias in transgenic and humanized mice. In the Cromer lab I am working on receptor engineering using genome editing technologies to modulate the distribution of distinct HSPCs ex vivo. Outside of work I love to travel and have several creative interests including fiction writing, playing music and painting.